Our association is known as the SC, ST, OBC, and MINORITY JOINT FORUM. We firmly believe that unity among diverse communities is the key to social progress and harmony.
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Paving the Path to Social Empowerment

In the spirit of unity and progress, the SC, ST, OBC, and Minority Joint Forum takes center stage, driven by a visionary purpose that resonates with the hearts of many. As we delve into the soul of this association, we uncover a tapestry of noble Aims & Objectives that serve as guiding stars on their transformative journey.

Fostering Social Awareness

Welcome to the world of SC, ST, OBC, and Minority Joint Forum, a dynamic and vibrant association nestled in the heart of West Bengal, India. Our forum stands tall as a beacon of hope, striving to uplift and empower the retrograded and marginalized sections of society.


Fostering Social Awareness

The first ray of light from the constellation of Aims & Objectives shines brightly, illuminating the path of social awareness. Through engaging gatherings, seminars, workshops, conferences, and awareness camps, the forum kindles consciousness among the retrograded sections of society.

Spreading Knowledge and Literature

Embracing the power of words, the forum takes flight with its second objective. Through newspapers, magazines, books, and periodicals, it nurtures a literary ecosystem, where knowledge blooms and the proceedings of the association flourish, carried on the wings of leaflets and handbills.

Empowering Education

As a beacon of hope for the underprivileged, the forum extends its embrace to needy students, propelling them towards higher education. With a commitment to eliminating barriers, the forum opens doors to a world of possibilities.

Celebrating Cultural Expression

With a song in its heart and a dance in its step, the forum celebrates the arts that awaken the hidden talents of its communities. Cultural competitions become a canvas for creative expression, inspiring souls to embrace their cultural heritage.

Fostering Amity and Unity

Hand in hand, the learned, the literati, the authors, the artists, the intellectuals, and the academicians of SC, ST, OBC, and Minority communities form an unbreakable bond. Together, they strive for the upliftment of society, crafting a tapestry of harmony and progress.

Empowering Economic Development

Economic empowerment takes center stage as the forum champions the establishment of self-help groups. Empowering SC, ST, OBC, and Minority people, they elevate communities through economic growth.

Welcome to the world of SC, ST, OBC, and Minority Joint Forum

Cultural enrichment is a melody that resonates deeply with us. With the harmonious chords of dance, song, and drama, we awaken the latent talents hidden within our communities. Competitions and cultural programs become our stage to showcase the brilliance that resides in the hearts of our people.

Environment Preservation for a Greener World

With the responsibility of the world on its shoulders, the forum embraces environmental preservation. Planting trees in the locality, they paint the world green, one sapling at a time.

Nurturing Health and Well-being

Compassion finds its embodiment in charitable dispensaries, first aid centers, and blood donation camps. The forum extends a healing touch to those suffering from ailments like Thalassemia, Cancer, T.B., and more.


In the symphony of their Aims & Objectives, the SC, ST, OBC, and Minority Joint Forum paints a portrait of unity, compassion, and progress. Guided by these noble pursuits, they create ripples of change that reach far beyond their communities. In a world hungering for transformation, this association shines as a beacon of hope, empowering a brighter future for all.

"Just as a flower does not pick and choose the bees that come to it, let us embrace all beings with equal love and compassion."

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